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Fiesta Del Sol – The First Penny Event

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Did you know the story of the first ever party Hello Penny Bar attended? As a mobile bar trailer, she certainly came from humble beginnings right here in San Diego.

Starting out as a 1947 MobilGlid Globetrotter Camper, the mobile bar trailer, Hello Penny Bar, made its debut at Fiesta Del Sol in Del Mar, and it was a smashing success. The event was held on a beautiful California day, with clear skies and warm temperatures, and the perfect setting for our beautiful mobile bar trailer to make her debut.

Scott, the mastermind behind the bar, had spent months designing and building the trailer from the ground up, with the aim of providing a unique and unforgettable experience for party-goers. From the smooth aluminum exterior, to the fully stocked bar inside, the Hello Penny Bar was officially alive and in her natural habitat.

As soon as the party started, the crowds flocked in. People were amazed by the attention to detail on the bar trailer, the quality of the drinks, and the overall ambiance of the bar. Many were curious about the story behind the trailer and how it had been built. Scott was happy to share his passion for design and his love for creating something that brought joy to others.

The Hello Penny Bar quickly became the talk of the party. Everyone who attended the event was impressed by the trailer’s unique features, which included 2 large ice bins, running water, vintage lighting, and her beautiful custom paint job. This wasn’t your average mobile bar trailer, this was a one-of-a-kind custom bar trailer. There is nothing else like her in the world. The bar also featured a wide selection of premium liquors, wines, and craft beers, which were expertly mixed and served by Scott and his team.

As the day wore on, the crowds at Fiesta Del Sol grew, and so did the line for the Hello Penny Bar. Scott and his team worked tirelessly, serving up refreshing drinks and engaging with customers. As the sun began to set, the atmosphere at the bar became even more magical, with the warm glow of the vintage lights and the sounds of music filling the air.

When the event finally came to an end, Scott and his team were exhausted but thrilled by the response they had received. The Hello Penny Bar had exceeded all their expectations, and they had left a lasting impression on everyone who had visited.

In the end, the success of the Hello Penny Bar was not just due to the quality of the drinks or the design of the trailer, but also the passion and dedication of Scott and his team. They had poured their hearts and souls into the project, and it had paid off in spades.

The first event for the Hello Penny Bar at Fiesta Del Sol will always be remembered as the moment when a dream became a reality, and a vision of creating a unique and unforgettable mobile bar experience was born. In fact, the team booked 5 more events that can be directly tied back to the attendees at Fiesta Del Sol. Hello Penny Bar, the cute mobile bar trailer, had officially been born.