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Shaken or stirred?

April 30, 2023

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  1. Do you have hours with Penny?
    We do not. We believe that we should be there for your entire special day, no matter how long that is. Typically we arrive 3 hours before cocktail hour, and then do last call when the DJ plays the last song. Everyone seems to be pretty happy with that so we stick to it!
  2. How big is the bar?
    The bar is 12’ long, 8’ tall and 8’ wide. Including the hitch, the bar is 15’ long total. We have a dolly to move the bar into place and can pretty much put it anywhere that she will fit!
  3. Do you charge tax?
    No we do not. We do charge a 3% processing fee for all online payments. But if you want to avoid that you can pay with a check and we will remove that cost.
  4. Do you provide alcohol or mixers?
    No we do not. It is up to you to source all ingredients you want to consume at your event.
  5. Will you help me come up with a list of ingredients to get?
    Yes of course! After we get you officially on our calendar, I will work with you to create an ingredients list based on what you are looking for. We have an excellent list of craft cocktail we have curated over the years and will share that with you. Once you choose a few special drinks to make, I’ll develop a list of all the things you need to purchase for your event.
  6. Do I get back whatever ingredients we don’t use?
    Yes you do. Whatever you and your guests don’t consume, we will box back up and give back to you at the end of the event.
  7. How do I book you for our event?
    I will work with you to create a formal estimate based on your options you have selected. Once everything looks good, you will pay a 50% deposit to lock us in for your event. The final 50% payment will be due 7 days before your event date.
  8. Do you take the trash at the end of the night?
    No we do not. We have no place to discard trash. However we do have trash bags. So we’ll bag everything up at the end of the event and place in a location of your choosing.
  9. Can I hire my own bartenders or us my family?
    Yes you can! If you would just like to use the Penny Bar for your event, that is totally okay. We will drop it off, set it up, show you how things work, and then leave. We’ll then return when you want us too to pick up the bar. If you choose to do this, please leave the bar cleaned up and all processed just as you received it. We will of course clean it but remove all trash, ingredients, cups, ice, water, etc.
  10. How many trailers do you have?
    Just the one for now. We have discussed expanding our fleet but really enjoy just having the one for now.
  11. How far will you travel?
    We are based in Long Beach area, but we are not restricted to distance. We will pretty much drive anywhere. We have been to Mammoth, Arizona, and everywhere in between. You simply pay $1.50 per mile round trip and we’ll get it done. (Just don’t ask us to drive to New York or something outrageous we[ll say no).
  12. Are you insured?
    We have alcohol and general liability insurance. We would be happy to put your venue or event space on our additionally insured list as well. Just be sure to ask us about that ahead of time as it takes 2 days to process
  13. Do you require tips or gratuity?
    No we do not. We don’t require any additional money from you or your guests. However, our bartenders are the best in the business. They are fun, interactive and make amazing craft cocktails for your guests. They also work really hard so any additional money that you or your guests would like to leave, is very grateful. We have at tip jar that we lave out. If you would like to tip us separately after the event, then we can take the tip jar down so no one feels pressured to use it.
  14. Is this as fun as it looks?
    We always say, Penny brings the fun. MOST people love this aspect of our business. Our bartenders are high energy, extremely good at what they do and have a lot of fun during all sorts of events. We understand weddings are intimate settings as well, so we recognize the mood and flow of an event .